Sunday, 21 February 2010

patti smith-a dream of life

If you are a fan of Patti Smith you must watch this documentary.

Dream of Life is a plunge into the philosophy and artistry of cult rocker Patti Smith.

This portrait of the legendary singer, artist and poet explores themes of spirituality, history and self expression. Known as the godmother of punk, she emerged in the 1970s, galvanizing the music scene with her unique style of poetic rage, music and trademark swagger.

Thursday, 11 February 2010


Persian-German designer
Boris Bidjan Saberi's collection shows the eleven stages of evolution in human sculpture from leather armour to full-length felt coats, encasing the head. Unique mesh of tailoring and form.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


a little selection of work from RCA 2009..


"My inspiration is based on the antipathy towards formal wear for its fossilised forms and attributes of restricting individuality. The antipathy comes from personal experience of restricted life in school and army in Korea where I was forced to wear uniforms, have same hair style and even same life style. The collection is about questioning the general perception of clothing and showing how to identify individuality from stereotypes. I have made transforming clothes from ordinary forms to liberal forms and created typical looking garments with unusual ways of construction to suggest a diversion of conception."



"My collection 'Singing Silence' is a quiet statement, about the environmental changes in northern Scandinavian winter, due to global warming. 'Singing Silence' illustrates a metamorphosis, in which the usually snow covered, white frozen landscapes are melting and evaporating. Using down and air as insulation I have created garments suitable for the “new winter”, the design challenge was to craft functional, dynamic clothing that could be easily adjusted and lightweight enough so that the whole collection can be packed into one 20 kg rucksack, however still remain feminine and glamorous. "


"Inspired by the ethereal, haunting imagery found in the photographic work of Julia Margaret Cameron and Deborah Turbeville, the collection explores both the female form and the trapped space between body and dress: transparent silicone rubber forms garments that exaggerate the classic hourglass silhouette, while oversized dresses in chiffon, lace and sheer jersey cloak the body in a diaphanous film. The resulting layers of transparency expose the ‘negative space’ beneath the garments, which normally remains hidden."

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Damir Doma

rather nice..

Friday, 5 February 2010

living creatures

translucent, texture, mystery. sarah moons photographs make you feel like you are peering in on a mysterious secret world, wholly captivating.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

rei kawakubo; challenging conventions

The designer behind the 'comme des garcons' label, kawakubo, studied philosophy at keio university in her native tokyo, and completely untrained as a fashion designer, but having studied fine arts and literature, she conveys her ideas verbally to her pattern makers!

Her formation of shape is so unique; the clothes are architectonic or sculptural,
and concentrate on structure rather than surface. Her refusal to obey accepted notions of silhouette and regular body forms create clothing which is unconcerned with what is beautiful or complimentary to the figure but rather alter our perceptions on what clothing can be: upside-down pockets, de-emphasized shoulders and extra-long sleeves... holes in sweaters become gashes in the bodices of evening dresses. jackets are dismantled and turned inside-out or put together in new ways